Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Chem E-Car Competition

Ketika ini (4-5 Mac 2009), sedang berlangsung satu program, Chem E-Car Competition 2009 bertempat di UniKL MICET, Melaka. Saya sepatutnya hadir sebagai peserta namun kerana kesuntukan masa & kurang persediaan terpaksa menarik diri dan pihak fakulti sekadar menghantar 2 team junior sebagai observer.

Apa itu Chem E-Car Competition?

The Chem-E-Car Competition provides a stage for undergraduates from universities and colleges to showcase their engineering ability and creativity towards performance of model car powered by self-built chemical cell or fuel cell.. The performance is not based on speed but rather on the ability to transverse a specified distance whilst carrying a specific load of water – with both distance and payload only being revealed at the start of the competition day.

The competition will consist of two sessions - the first is a poster presentation. Participants are given 10 minutes to present their model cars and describe the propulsion system as well as the innovative and creative ideas they have made in areas such as propulsion system, safety, environmental issues, efficiency etc.

This is then followed by the model car competition where each team would be given a number of attempts (to be determined by the organisers). The team whose model car ended nearest to the end line wins the competition.

A Chem-E-Car is a model car whose propulsion system is either a chemical cell or fuel cell. The power that is required to drive the model car must be generated or converted from chemical energy. Commercial batteries and fuel cells are nevertheless not allowed in the competition.

The objective of the competition is to provide opportunities for students from Institutions of Higher Learning to showcase their creativity in the field of chemical engineering.

Haa...paham tak? Hik3... translate la sendiri... =p

Hmm.. ni gambar2 sekitar pertandingan tahun2 lepas... Wah..mantop & sangat kreatif diorang ni.

Semoga adik-adik saya yang jadi observer kali ni dapat jadi peserta yg baik pada tahun depan. Selamat berjaya ^_~


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